Weight Loss Program

 Are you sick of YOYO dieting?
What diets have you tried to lose weight?

Low carb/ Keto diet

You try “keto diet” and feel hungry… craving for high energy snacks. Keto diet requires high fat and low carb consumption. Do you know how to distinguish “good” fat and bad fat? This diet is very popular but not for everyone and I would not recommend for beginners without health professionals’ instructions. 

Intermittent fasting

You try 168/ 186/ 204…but it does not work. You lose weight and then regain if you stop 168. If you are not eating enough, you will feel hungry and fatigue etc. 

Fad diets

Have you tried any Fad diets like “Juice fast”, “Fruit diet” due to a celebrity trend? In long-term, you are losing “water” instead of fat while this diet is lack of nutrients such as protein and healthy fats. These types of diets are not evidence-based.

Meal replacement

It may not be suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight. If you are not doing it in an appropriate way, you will see rebound weight gain after an extreme calorie restriction. Please check your eligibility with dietitians if you consider meal replacement. 

Let’s work with a dietitian to lose weight
healthily & efficiently!