Weight loss 101

Calorie deficit? Learn how to calculate how much to eat for weight loss

Last time we learned about TDEE, but how do I calculate it?
If you want to reduce fat, you need to know what ′′ calorie deficit ′′ is.
Calorie deficit = Calories a person consumes is less than calories burn in a day

How do you know how much you need to eat for a day?
What if you don’t want to calculate yourself, you can online TDEE calculator 

For example, a woman- 25 years old, 165cm, 60 kg, exercise 1-2 days a week.
The calculator shows her TDEE is 1850 kcal, and BMR is 1350kcal. 

Let’s calculate your TDEE now! 

Now that you know your own TDEE, if you consume less than TDEE every day, you will lose weight in the long term.
But, what if I wanted to be more precise?
1 kg fat = 7700 kcal
As long as your calorie deficit reaches 7700kcal, you’ll lose a kg. Easy, right?

A healthier way to lose weight is to reduce gradually, I recommend subtracting around 300-500kcal per day.
Using the above example, -500kcal from her TDEE (1850-500=1350kcal/day)
In a week, she’ll be able to lose about 1/2 kg.
* Point: Don’t eat less than your BMR

Have you learned how to calculate how much you have to eat in a day to achieve weight loss?

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