Tempeh rice paper rolls (~16-20 rolls)⁣

Marinate tempeh⁣
4 tbsp soy sauce/ tamari⁣
2 tbsp maple syrup⁣
1 tbsp yuzu vinegar⁣
1 tsp olive oil⁣
4 cloves garlic, chopped⁣

1 carrot, julienned⁣
1 capsicum, julienned (any color you want)⁣
1 cucumber, julienned⁣
300g tempeh, sliced⁣
50-100g Vermicelli/ thin rice noodles⁣
Coriander (or any herbs you want)⁣
16cm Rice paper ⁣


1. Cut tempeh into slices and then marinate!⁣
Put all the ingredients (soy sauce/ tamari, maple syrup, yuzu vinegar, olive oil, garlic) into a bowl and then mix with tempeh wellset aside⁣

2. Julienned all the veggies (carrot, capsicum and cucumber)⁣

3. Soak the rice noodles using hot water (~5-10 mins)⁣

4. Pan fried tempeh⁣
Heat the oil in a medium heat and brown the tempeh on all sides (~5 mins)⁣

5. Assembly⁣
Soak a single rice paper in the hot water until it is completely soft.⁣
Lay it straight onto a plate/ cutting board.⁣
Lay the julienned veggies, tempeh, coriander and vermicelli) down in the middle of the rice paper.⁣

6. Rolling⁣

7. Enjoy!