5-ingredient Muesli/ Bliss balls⁣
Serves: 8 (around 24 balls)⁣
⚠️ 3 balls= 1 serve⁣
1 cup untoasted muesli⁣
1 cup dates/ other dried fruits (i.e. apricots/ sultanas)⁣
1/2 cup shredded coconut (fine)⁣
1 cup walnuts & cashews/ other nuts (i.e. almonds/ peanut/ brazil nuts etc.)⁣
2 tablespoons chia seed⁣
Water (optional)⁣

1. Place muesli, dates, chia seed and nuts in a blender. Process until well combined. ⁣

2. Place shredded coconut in a shallow dish. ⁣

3. Roll tablespoons of muesli mixture into balls. Coat balls in shredded coconut.